Asset Inventory System VAJASOFT AIS

Asset Inventory System

With VAJASOFT AIS you can collect your asset data via barcodes or QR-codes (1D or 2D technology) or the new RFID-technology or OCR.  Our Asset Inventory System is composed of the client software, one or more mobile scanning devices( barcode and/or RFID), high quality printers and labels. Our AIS can be provided with an interface to your financial accounting regardless what software or ERP you are using.

Inventory System as Client Software 

Our system can be used as local installation on a pc or in your network.

Inventory System  as Webservice

If many users need access to the inventory system and it is not recommended to install the software on many clients you can use our VAJASOFT AIS WEB. By using this product you can access an ongoing inventory anytime and from anywhere.

Inventory with Smartphone, Phablet and Tablet

The mobile data collection using barcodes is feasible with VAJASOFT AIS MOBILE and:

  • Apple iOS from version 6.1 and above
  • Android from version 4.0  and above
  • Windows CE
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows RT
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10

As example you can use an iPhone to scan your assets before moving them to another location.

A small  compendium form available VAJASOFT AIS interfaces:

SAP, DATEV, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Infor, Oracle, proALPHA, SoftM, Sage, Varial, Wilken, Entire, Diamant/3 and many more... If your system is not listed here, please don't refrain from contacting us.

Hint for SAP-users: Our VAJASOFT AIS interface has its own name space. Therfore it is possible to print your own invidual label design from your SAP system.

Implementation from VAJASOFT AIS

We are experienced with different starting conditions:

  • first inventory without asset accounting
  • first inventory with  asset accounting but incomplete master data
  • first inventory with complete asset accounting
  • follow up inventory or permanent data collection

VAJASOFT AIS enables you to complete your inventories faster and to keep your master data up to date in an easier way.

AIS will be customized to fit in your company structure and your processes.

Our customers told us about  up to 70% saved time for an inventory. With VAJASOFT AIS errors based on false counting or data assignment will be minimized.

Live Presentation of the Asset Inventory System

Please call us to get a cost-free presentation in your company. If your company is based outside the European Union, please contact us for a web presentation or WebEx conference.